Our services in Floria Film

Offering professional services in art, film, media and also creating and supporting educational, radio and TV websites in different languages is the most important specialities of Floria Film.

You just have to send us your video file which the presenter is talking in any language with a green background and without any camera movements. In less than 24 hours we will give you the video file with amazing décor plus camera movements.

Send us your desired text. In the shortest time we will give you an audio file which is narrated by professional speakers (man or woman) with the lowest fee possible.


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Designing professional websites

Designing, consulting and making distance learning websites. Internet radio and TV with the feature of playing them live and also supporting.

What do we do?

Offering high quality, cheap and fast services is our difference in services offered in various arts, film and media. Our professional team has an scientific approach and this is why our first time customers will become our permanent customers after their first experience.

Designing virtual studios

For teachers, academic institutions, news websites, TV channels and commercial companies which want a different experience in offering their products.

creating professional voice over

The tone of voice and being suitable for the subject and content is very important. We will offer you the best voices by consulting with the experts of this section.

creating commercial teasers

Emotional, exciting, historical and industrial teasers which are made by motion graphics. It will be either made and given to you from scratch or using our archive resources with unbelievable low prices.

producing documentaries and video reports

We work globally and we are ready to produce documentaries or video reports suitable with your needs in short or long running times, in any language and in any place of the world.

video editing

Our team of has the best experts in film editing so they edit your works in a professional and amazing quality. Editing gives life to videos and is very important to make it appealing.

Creating educational packages

Floria Film’s education technology department, is ready to make and offer you courses in any language. We kindly advise activists in this field to experience collaboration with us.

Visit our professional shop

Selling photos, audio effects, thematic music and After Effect templates. Anything a producer needs is available in our shop.



Video and film dubbing

Floria Film’s dubbing team is ready to help you from translation to dubbing educational and documentary works. We have the opportunity to dub your works with high quality in any language.

International live communication

If you are a TV producer or owning an educational institution, we have great news that our advanced features can help you in live communication and it will be responsive to your needs in internet.

Setting up TV and radio websites

In the world of media, having a TV or radio website is an important credit for educational institutions, exhibitions, cultural centres and even small shops.

Writing text and research

Every expert agrees that doing research and writing texts that will turn into a media work is a professional thing and it isn’t like other kind of texts. They should be written in a way so it can be illustrated. That’s why another service offered by Floria Film, is accepting research and writing requests.

Teaching media affairs

If you want to enter the world of art and media, our professional courses that are available in the shop can be a correct starting point for you and also we like to collaborate with our students in our projects.

TV mobile production van

Our TV mobile unit with 4 Ultra HD cameras, is ready to offer you their services across the country.According to your request we can produce programmes with recording, editing and a complete team of director and cinematographer.

Work samples

Our work samples gives you the best time to choose + cheap, fast and high quality

Floria Film in a few minutes

Get to know some of our services

Steps to do the job

The procedure of designing your virtual studio in just one day


  • 1

    Consultation and designing

    By speaking to you and understanding your expectations, the décor is designed and suggested to you.

  • 2

    Send your video files to us

    You will record and send your video files to us according to the consultations.

  • 3

    Designing décor and editing

    According to your orders, the studio décor is created with the camera movement ability and handed over to you.

  • 4

    Delivering the project to you

    All of this procedure is done in one day for a 30 min video. For this reason speed with quality and price is Floria Film’s advantage.

Price table design and production of virtual studio

Prices are based on a single 30-minute program. Prices will change according to the numbers and time of the video. 50 percent of the cost is received when you submit your order.

20 $ / One Day
    • Decor Design
    • Simple Editing
    • Instant Delivery
    • Camera Movement in Studio
    • Video Break
    • Credits
    • Soundtrack
    • Subtitle and Caption
50 $ / one day
    • Decor Design
    • Simple Editing
    • Instant Delivery
    • Camera Movement in Studio
    • Video Break
    • Credits
    • Soundtrack
    • Subtitle and Caption
80 $ / two days
    • Decor Design
    • Simple Editing
    • Instant Delivery
    • Camera Movement i n Studio
    • Video Break
    • Credits
    • Soundtrack
    • Subtitle and Caption

Virtual decor sample

Virtual decor pictures will be sent